The Muggs

The Muggs- Full Tilt

The Muggs
Full Tilt!
[ 2xLP Set]
Limited to 500 Copies!

Recorded at the Cadieux Cafe, in Detroit, MI. U.S.A., this LIVE recording has captured the essence of a Muggs concert. This recording is HEAVY. The Muggs demand your attention on every track as they weave effortlessly from song to song. The Muggs send their fans on a ‘best of’ journey through all 3 of their previous studio LPs(The Muggs-2005, On With The Show-2008, & Born Ugly-2011).

This heavy recording is complimented by the excellent artwork to this Double LP by way of a Muggs pinball machine themed front and back cover. This 2XLP is a work of art. And like Queen’s album, ‘News Of The World’ the LP’s Jacket folds from top to bottom rather than from right to left, thus displaying the entire image of the Muggs pinball machine. The inside is chalked full of photos from the night of the recording.

Many times throughout rock n roll history, it has been the LIVE album that has shot bands like Peter Frampton, HumblePie, and KISS to the top of the charts. Although those days are long gone, the Muggs have proven they can hold their own when asked to answer the call of LIVE rock n roll!

1) 6 To Midnite
2) Sturm Und Drang
3) Hats Off To Mr. Beardsley
4) Born Ugly

1) Kitchen Sink Blues
2) Leanin’ Blues
3) “Monster”
4) Gonna Need My Help

1) Get It On
2) Need Ya Baby
3) Never Know Why

1) I Take What I Want
2) Down Below
3) Doc Mode



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