Pewter Cub

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Pewter Cub
If You Can Hold Your Breath
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Limited to 300 Copies w/Silk Screened Jacket!

Our 33rd release is the 2nd full length release from Pewter Cub and is not one to be overlooked! From Regan Lorie’s beautiful vocals, poignant lyrics & groovy basslines to Scott Sanford’s ethereal yet hook- laden guitars to Dave Jenning’s space walking drum beats, “If You Can Hold Your Breath” is 9 well crafted songs from the heart, soul and spiritual beyond of Pewter Cub.

Stylistically, their music bridges the gap between such genres as spacey psychedelia, shoegaze, dark pop and even a little soul. That’s not to say it’s all over the place, only that the songs are actually a well blended collaborative effort from its creators own originality and artistic influences. Stand out cuts are “King Baby”, “The Shape”, “If You Can Hold Your Breath” & “Black Music”.

The album includes an Digital Download Code of the entire LP and comes in a beautiful Silk Screened LP Jacket!

Side Effects Include…
King Baby
The Shape
If You Can Hold Your Breath
Sho Kosugi Jailbreak
Silent Movie
Not Mine
Black Music


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