As many of you already know…

Due to the fantastic resurgence of vinyl sales around the world, many of the (very few) pressing plants left are overwhelmed and have work backlogged as far as 4-5 months. We currently have 3 releases that we are waiting on: Tommy Henriksen’s “Tommy Tommy Tommy” LP [w/Download], The ‘Chubbies’ Original Soundtrack Recording LP [w/download] (composed & performed by Slasher Dave) & Slasher Dave’s ‘Lunatic’ 4 trk 7″ EP [w/download]. All 3 releases are expected by the end of the month and we will announce pre-ordering info ASAP! We thank you for your patience!

We are also expecting vinyl masters very soon from Bastardous, Voyag3r & Slasher Dave for fall releases! More info coming soon!

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