AnnaRoxie 77 have a brand music video errr we mean ‘Song Cartoon’ for the song “Anna” (taken from The Ameriswede EP out now on Bellyache Records) now streaming on the official Roxie TV 1 Channel 77 page on!

The “song cartoon” (set to the eponymous song by Roxie 77) is the vision of artist/writer/animator Annette DeLorean, and tells the story of a young man named Ryan searching for the girl who stole his heart. With the aid of a mischievous Cupid-like character, they search the streets of Stockholm for Anna, only to encounter a series of obstacles and odd characters preventing Ryan from finding his love.

In addition to Anna, Annette has been designing album/singles covers and concert posters for the last ten years. A talented musician who released an album titled “Guts” in 2013 under the name Betty Cooper, she was a participant in the 2014 NYC Animation Block Party for her Song Cartoon “I Liked Myself Better (When I Didn’t Have Friends).” In 2015, she was selected as a top 10 finalist in the Saban Brands “Sabanshorts” contest for her “Teighan Wolf” animated short.

You can watch the video HERE!

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