Slasher Dave_Tomb Of HorrorThe Halloween season is upon us and so is the frightening NEW LP from SLASHER DAVE! TOMB OF HORROR has begun shipping and it is scaring mailboxes & turntables all over the globe!

Fans of horror movies and soundtracks are raving over the latest turn on the path that Slasher Dave has taken us down! He continues to scare us with John Carpenter inspired music that this time around lends itself to more of a Italian film score vibe influenced by way of Giallo masters Fabio Frizzi & Goblin!

Order your LIMITED EDITION LP copy directly from us today on GREEN, BLUE or BLACK vinyl… if you DARE! Every copy comes a full LP digital download code and a FRIGHTENING Halloween Mask!

Preview TOMB OF HORROR on our Bandcamp page and purchase a digital copy as well!

*** VINYL UPDATE *** The Green Vinyl edition of TOMB OF HORROR is now SOLD OUT!!!

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