Slasher Dave Spookhouse FrontRGBHe created the VOYAG3R 7″ cover. He created THE AMINO ACIDS 7″ cover. He created our freakin’ LOGO. Now our fiendish friend and all around cool creep, SLASHER DAVE, brings us his Bellyache Records debut, “SPOOKHOUSE”. 13 synth tunes inspired all by all things Halloween and we mean JOHN CARPENTER’S Halloween. With all music performed by and art duties handled by Dave, This LP is a must for those who love the horror synth soundtrack work of Carpenter, Frizzi & Goblin, amongst others. We can’t express enough the freakish excitement that we have for this LP, that along with a Digital Download, we are pressing it on 3 different colors of vinyl & including a super cool Halloween mask as well! Don’t wait! The colors are limited and will go fast! PRE-ORDER YOURS NOW!

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