Recently, Bellyache Records changed up our logo from the former candy shoppe image to a “fresh” new look! Friend & Artist, SLASHER DAVE, chimed in with some thoughts about his inspiration for the new design.

“When Scotty approached me about a new logo, the original idea was to make a real looking 60s/70s influenced candy bar logo. Knowing Scotty well, I pitched the idea of a monster logo (dude loves his monsters haha). I mocked an idea up, and he loved it. With me being a monster/horror fan I got pumped to start, and deliver something special that’s never really been done before in present day. A 1980s MONSTER TOY package logo!!! In the 80s, kids toys were gross. GARBAGE PAIL KIDS blew up, and I know Snotty Scotty witnessed this madness. So I pitched this idea. A gross monster holding his sugar filled belly about to barf (yes there was TALK of including barf). I revisited my childhood, puking up chunks of 80s awesomeness like BOGLIN TOYS, MADBALLS, and most importantly, MONSTER IN MY POCKET (which I still proudly have). The packaging of the original MIMP always stood out from the rest, the logo could of been for a metal band, and the hand painted illustration that decorating the package was mind blowing (this is why there is a purple monster in the Bellyache logo). We really wanted to take you back to a time where a child killing maniac like FREDDY KRUEGER slashed his way to the top of pop culture, and big box Horror VHS ruled the shelves of video rental stores. A time before Netflix and the Internet. So, young ins, spare us the iPhone googling of “monster in my pocket”, this logo was made for the real sickos that lived and breathed it.”

Stay Gross.
-Slasher Dave

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