Has it been 5 years already for Bellyache Records???


Well, we wanted to give you, the listener, something special! For all orders that include at least one Bellyache Record/CD, $20.00 and over you will receive a copy of the missing link (BR-024) in our catalog! That title is a brand new CASSETTE ONLY compilation called “POP! – 5 Year Anniversary Collection From the Bellyache Records Library!” (We’re not ones for short compilation titles). It features 20 snappy numbers a majority of our releases including Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms, The Hard Lessons, Grande Nationals, Mike Elgert , The Sights, Gore Gore Girls, Destroy This Place, The Pop Project, The Hentchmen, The GO, The Oscillating Fan Club, The Dewtons, The Muggs, Electric Fire Babies, Scarlet Oaks, Sisters Lucas, Troy Gregory & The Step Sisters, Speedy Greasy, The Octopus & a brand new unreleased tune from Betty Cooper (formerly known as Swamp Sisters). Did we mention it’s only limited to 100 copies? There is one more hitch, in order to receive your copy, you must enter the following password in the comments for your order: Double Bubble Analog Love.

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